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首先:In respect ofin respect thereofwith respect toas regards 涉及,至于,在…方面

英文合同翻译中常用 in respect of, in respect thereof with respect to, 表示与本合同/协议/条款有关的问题,比 about, concerning, as regards 正式。

例如:Notwithstanding Clause 16.1, Party B shall not be entitled to claim for itself in respect of any Force Majeure in Clause 16.1.

不管 16 条第一款的规定,乙方无权根据 16 条第一款为其自身提出有关不可抗力的索赔。

例如:Upon the termination of the Existing Letter of Credit and the payment of all amounts (if any) owing in respect thereof, Bank Boston, N.A. shall cease to be an Issuing Bank hereunder.


例 如 :Party C or New Company shall retain all rights with respect to the specifications, plans, drawings and other documents and Party B undertakes not to disclose the same or divulge any information contained therein to any third country without the prior written consent of Party C or New Company.


此外,Pertaining to, pertaining thereto 也表示“涉及,与。。。有关”。

例如:Broker is in the business of brokering real estate loans and engages sales representative to perform services pertaining to such business.



关于金额方面:SAY, ONLY



例 如 : Party A shall pay Party B a monthly salary of US$600 (SAY SIX HUNDRED US DOLLARS ONLY). 聘方须每月付给受聘方美元 600 元整。

最后:In favor ofin ones favor 表示以。。。为受益人。

例如:One original and one copy of the irrevocable letter of guarantee issued by the Licensor's Bank for a sum of 10% of the total price for the technical know-how in favor of the Licensee.

由许可方银行开具以被许可方为受益人,金额为专有技术总价 10%的不可撤销保函正本和副本各一件。

又如:We hereby establish this irrevocable letter of credit in your favor for account of ABC Company in the amount of U. S. $    (amount in words), available against your draft(s) drawn at sight on Credit Bank, N.A., Letter of Credit Department, Los Angeles, California, accompanied by your signed and dated statement as follows:

我行特此开立在 ABC  公司帐上以贵方为受益人总额为美元*(大写金额),凭交加州洛杉玑北美信贷银行信用证部开出的即期汇票付款,附有贵方签字和具名日期声明如下:

但注意 in favor 有时另有它义。

例如:Our goods that we offer you are much in favor in the European Continent.我方向你方报盘的货物, 在欧洲大陆颇受好评。(in favor 此处表示受赏识,受好评)