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摘要:在英文合同中,引导条件的从句表示“如果、假如”,常用in the event that(in the enent of),in case (in case of),providinng(that),provided (that),

在英文合同中,引导条件的从句表示“如果、假如”,常用in the event thatin the enent of),in case in case of),providinngthat,provided that),on condition thatifif and whenever),wherein so far as insofar sa),shouldsuppose/supposingthat)等引导词。




In the event that the Contract Price or any other terms of the Contract changes after the issuance of the Letter of Credit (or Letter of Guarantee), the Owner shall arrange for such Letter to be amended accordingly as soon as possible after any such changes.


In case part of or all know-how of the abovementioned technical contents have been published by Party B or Third Parties and A obtains evidence of such publication, then Party A shall no longer be responsible for keeping secret and confidential the part already published.



15% of the above contract price, e.g. US $ 21, 000. 00 shall be paid by Party A to Party B by MD within 30 days afer Party A has received from Party B the following technical documentations and documents, providing that they are in conformity with the contract:


Either party may at anytime replace the chairman, deputy chairman or director(s) it has appointed, provided that it gives written notice to the Joint Venture Company and the other party. 任何一方可随时更换自己委派的董事长、副董事长或董事,但必须书面通知合资公司和合资的另方。

需要注意的是,provided thay通常语气上有转折的含义,不太适合用于表达“假如,如果”;而用于表达但是,则较为过渡自然,符合汉语表达的规范。

Should the seller make delivery on time as stipulated in the Contract with the exception ofForce Majeure specified in Clausel8 to this contract, the Buyer shall agree to postpone the delivery on condition that the Seller agree to pay a penalty which shall be deducted by the paying bank from the payment under negotiation

如果卖庄非9本合同第18条规定的不可抗力事件而未按合同规定的期限交货,那么,只要卖方同意支付罚金,并由付款行从这付款中扣除, 买方便同意卖方延期交货。

句中出现两处条件从句,should引导的从句属于非真实条件句,即虚拟语气,表示该条件发生的可能性很小,也就是说是当事人不希望出现的不利情况,而on condition that引导的条件从句,往往表示只要某情况出现,就如何。